Bellflower Somerset Mutual Water Company is taking a proactive step in preparing for the upcoming national changes to PFAS standards. Although the standards are changing, the quality of BSMWC water remains the same. BSMWC tests its water regularly to ensure high-quality drinking water for the community.

BSMWC’s water is safe to consume and meets all state and federal drinking water standards.

Bellflower Somerset Mutual Water Company takes the issue of water quality very seriously and BSMWC is committed to providing the best possible information to shareholders and community members to ensure their safety and well-being. Through proactive outreach efforts, BSMWC aims to equip everyone with the knowledge they need to address any potential risks.

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What is PFAS?


PFAS refers to a class of persistent chemicals that includes perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) and perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA). These chemicals are known for their long-lasting properties.


They can be found in waterproof clothing, cookware, firefighting foam, and electronics.

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Exposure to some PFAS chemicals in the environment has been linked to harmful health effects in humans and animals.

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The assessment of risks associated with PFAS exposure is complex due to the presence of numerous PFAS chemicals in various products. Therefore, further research and evaluation of their impact on humans and the environment is necessary.

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Community members are encouraged to stay informed, and BSMWC will share information and updates to educate you and your families. BSMWC will educate shareholders and the community through various outreach efforts such as posting fact sheets and FAQs to our website, on social media and at community meetings when necessary.

For additional information about PFAS regulations as it pertains to water supplies, visit the California State Water Resources Control Board Division of Drinking Water website at