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A deposit check of $4,300.00, an admin processing fee of $70.00, and installation of $140.00 are due prior to delivery of a fire hydrant meter. Cash is not accepted. This deposit check can be mailed or deposited in the drop box at our office.

Any applicant desiring a temporary service from a fire hydrant shall specify in this application the location of the hydrant or hydrants from which service is desired. The Company will, when such an application has been accepted, connect the meter to a hydrant as near as possible to the requested location. The applicant shall pay a refundable deposit for each temporary service location of $4,300.00, an admin processing fee of $70.00, and installation fee of $140.00 are due prior to delivery of a fire hydrant meter. Cash is not accepted. This deposit check can be mailed or deposited in the drop box at our office. The amount of the required deposit and/or water rate may be adjusted by Board action from time to time. Upon discontinuance of service, provided the meter has been recovered by the Company in acceptable condition, the deposit will be applied to any unpaid charges due the Company, and the balance, if any, will be refunded to the applicant. If the meter is damaged or missing, the deposit shall be applied first to the cost of repairing or replacing the meter, and second to any unpaid charges. The customer will be responsible for any shortfall between the amount due and the deposit. Any balance of the deposit remaining after deduction of costs and unpaid charges will be refunded to the customer. Water delivered through a temporary water service shall be charged at the construction rate.

Water Standards

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Backflow/Cross-Connection Information

California State Health Code

Under Title 17 and Title 22 of the California State Health Code all Backflow Prevention Devices must be tested at least once annually to ensure proper operation. The Company will mail a test form to each Customer/Shareholder that has a Backflow Prevention Device. A copy of the test and any repairs made by a Certified Tester must be filed with the water company providing water to the company/owner of the device. The Company/Owner of the device is responsible for the cost of the testing and the cost of replacing the device should said device fail testing.

Bellflower-Somerset Mutual Water Company mails out approximately 90 test notices per year under the current Backflow Prevention Device program and assesses a $115.00 charge per year per device for the maintaining of this program.

Approved Backflow Testers

Company Phone Number Company Phone Number
Brad Griffith  714-475-8040 Norwalk Plumbing 562-868-7777
Hagan Plumbing 562-862-8000 Fire Safety First  714-836-4800
Atlas Backflow Services 562-343-1436 Pennine Plumbing, Inc 714-888-0040
Bavco 800-458-3492 Gene Pira, Inc   818-342-4744
Don Norlin 562-397-5728 Joe Green Plumbing 714-775-4144
Aqua Backflow 909-598-7521 Aaron Zeff’s Backflow  562-761-9074
Hazard Backflow 323-413-3960


Fire Flow Test & Application

Bellflower-Somerset Mutual Water Company offers fire flow availability testing services for all buildings other than one- and two-family dwellings, townhomes, and auxiliary dwelling units.

A $280 fee is due prior to the test. This check can be mailed or deposited in the drop box at our office. Cash is not accepted. To request this service, please fill out the following form and email it to for evaluation.