To preserve water supplies for shareholders during the ongoing drought and beyond, the Board of Directors for Bellflower-Somerset Mutual Water Company (BSMWC) approved two plans that together ensure long-term water reliability and continued delivery of high-quality water during shortages and emergencies.

The Company’s Urban Water Management Plan (UWMP) examines current and anticipated water needs over the next 20 years, along with an assessment of water supplies available to meet those demands. The Water Shortage Contingency Plan (WSCP) outlines actions to manage and reduce the impact of water supply disruptions.

“Our shareholders expect high-quality water will be available whenever they need it,” said Bellflower-Somerset General Manager Steve Lenton. “By developing these plans, BSMWC is ready to respond appropriately to extreme droughts, earthquakes or other emergencies to maintain water service.”

The Water Shortage Contingency Plan establishes steps BSMWC will take to continue delivering water if the drought worsens or if the company experiences temporary water supply interruptions. In addition, the WSCP details various stages of water restrictions that would be implemented based on the severity of any supply constraints.

“Once the new Leahy Street Well comes online later this year, we will be even better positioned to make sure our shareholders have the water they need, whenever they need it,” Lenton said. The Leahy Street Well will pump 3,500 gallons of water per minute into the BSMWC water system, expanding capacity and improving reliability.

The State of California requires all water agencies serving 3,000 customers or more to develop and update an Urban Water Management Plan and Water Shortage Contingency Plan every five years. The BSMWC Board of Directors formally adopted the two updated plans on August 16, 2021.

The plans, along with water conservation tips for shareholders from Bella the Bee, the Company’s mascot, are available online at