The theme for this year’s Earth Day – Invest in Our Planet – is a timely reminder to use water wisely.

In celebration of Earth Day, Bellflower-Somerset Mutual Water Company (BSMWC) encourages shareholders to increase their water use efficiency by taking advantage of conservation rebates and free educational resources available on

BSMWC offers rebates through its partnership with Central Basin Municipal Water District for appliances such as high-efficiency toilets and washing machines. Shareholders can also tune up their landscape irrigation systems by installing water-saving sprinkler nozzles, which have a rebate of $2 each (minimum quantity is 30 nozzles per site).

As part of BSMWC’s commitment to protecting its local groundwater resources, the Company invests in water supply reliability projects and helps shareholders understand the importance of using water wisely.

“Earth Day on April 22 provides an opportunity to educate the public on the vital role of managing one of life’s most precious resources, water,” General Manager Steve Lenton said. “Year-round at BSMWC, we take pride in delivering reliable water to our shareholders and giving them the tools they need to be water-wise.”

Here are some tips for conserving water as Earth Day 2022 approaches:

  • Replace decorative lawns with native and California-friendly landscape
  • Install drip irrigation, so water goes only where it’s needed
  • Find and fix leaks as quickly as possible
  • Go to for more info

For questions about water-saving rebates or water-wise classroom education, please contact BSMWC Public Affairs Specialist Mikayla Coleman at or (562) 866-9980.